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Ben Leber's Letter to Protein Powder Consumers

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Feb 22, 2016 11:03:25 AM

Ben Leber
Editor’s note: Former professional football player Ben Leber is one of many high-level athletes that uses BiPro. This is Leber's BiPro story written in his own words.

I’ve tested and tasted everything. I’ve been in all of the big box stores multiple times and looked through everything. I was not at the weight my college team wanted me at, I was not at the weight my first professional team wanted me at, so I’ve always had to pack on extra calories and protein through supplements.

I kind of grew to just be ok with the fact that when I took a protein supplement I wouldn’t feel very good. In college, I would drink a protein shake like my trainers told me to and then I’d be running to the bathroom. I’d have gas and didn’t feel very well. But guess what? That’s all we had so I had to suck it up and take it because I had to gain weight. I succumbed to this idea that protein shakes don’t taste very good, they’re chalky, they’re chunky. Some of them I even had to chew, which was disgusting.

When I played professionally, there were only two ready-to-drink options available to us. Guess what? Those crappy things were sitting on some shelf somewhere for months. I’d shake it and shake it and shake it, break up this sludge that was lying at the bottom and I’d end up just drinking that and chewing. I’m not lying, this is what we had to drink and this was just a few years ago! This was not 20 years ago where protein has made leaps and bounds in technology. It’s not like that. That’s the way it still is. That’s the way a lot of high school athletes still think all protein powders are: ‘They’re chunky and they’re gross.’

When I was playing I was going through all kinds of health issues and I feel ok talking about it, sharing my story. At times, I would break out in giant hives. They would go all over my body and I could suppress them with an anti-histamine, but me being me that wasn’t good enough. I didn’t want to put a bandage on my problem. I wanted to find the root cause of it. So, I went to every allergist in Minneapolis and then I tried one in San Diego where I was living in the offseason and couldn’t find an answer. Finally, someone did a food test and they found that I needed to cut out gluten. I immediately stopped eating gluten and the hives were gone.

That experience led me to realize that food can be a really powerful thing. Maybe I wasn’t believing the whole ‘you are what you eat’ message we learn as kids. Since then, I’ve gone through and I’ve really researched what I put in my body. I think ‘Ok, I eat this and how is my body feeling?’ I’d been struggling with a lot of stuff and I’d always had problems with protein.

Then I stumbled upon BiPro whey protein isolate. They asked me if I would endorse the product on KFAN-FM and I said "absolutely." I had some BiPro and I loved it because – this is going to sound a little weird. I loved it because of how I didn’t feel. I would drink it and be waiting, thinking ‘Ok, when’s the gas coming? When’s the bloat coming?’ Then it never came. I started to think ‘Wow, this BiPro stuff is really good. I’m going to take this because it works unlike the other ones.’

I endorse BiPro because I have no problem putting my face and name on a product that I believe in. And I believe in BiPro because there’s no other product that could have made me want to drink a protein shake. While I’m not playing any longer and I don’t work out as much as I used to, I still know the value and benefit of taking a protein. I take two scoops every morning and after I work out I’ll have another scoop after that because I feel a dramatic difference in my recovery.

BiPro worked for me. I hope it will work for you, too.

Thank you for reading,

Ben Leber

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